Holiday Show

Poinsettia basics

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Poinsettias are the star of the holiday floral show. These plants, which come in varieties with red, white, pink, mottled and striped 'bracts', are native to Mexico and Central America, where it grows in moist, wet, wooded ravines and on rocky hillsides. What appear to be petals are actually colored leaflike bracts that surround a central cluster of tiny yellow flowers.

Typically seen here as small, potted plants, poinsettia's can grow into shrubs around 10 foot tall.

Poinsettia's on display in this year's holiday show include:

  • Poinsettia 'Prestige Red'
  • Poinsettia 'Frozen'
  • Poinsettia 'Red Glitter'    
  • Poinsettia 'Autumn Leaves'    
  • Poinsettia 'Christmas Beauty Queen'    
  • Poinsettia 'Candy Wintergreen'    
  • Princettia 'Dark Pink'
  • Poinsettia 'Prestige Early Red'  
  • Poinsettia 'Imperial Red'  
  • Poinsettia 'Winter Rose Dark Red'
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