Fall Show

Fall Show Fungi Mural

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This season's mural design, near the entrance to the Floral Show Dome, has been created by Kristen Schueffner.

Kristen Schueffner has had a passion for painting since she was 11 as she was inclined to create thanks to her family who share her love of art. While growing up in Sheboygan Falls, she has been creating art for her own enjoyment as well as helping with a couple larger projects such as signs for local businesses, murals, and selling art at charity auctions. For the past three years, Kristen has been working on her illustration and animation skills through her studies at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and Concordia University Wisconsin, where she will be graduating in December of 2021.

She hopes her work at the Domes will be well received by the Milwaukee community and that she will be able to continue showing her work to other audiences.

Kristen was introduced to the Domes by Theresa Kenney, PhD, MFA, BFA, who serves as Professor of Art at Concordia University Wisconsin.

Visit us during the fall show to see the full design and read more about Kristen's project on the Concordia Uni blog.

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